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Turn About Pegasus is a not-for-profit social enterprise launched in May 2006 by registered mental health specialist Tracie Faa-Thompson and equine expert Alison Porteous, and is currently run at Hetton Steads Farm, Northumberland. Sadly Alison died in 2015 but her legacy lives on.

The humans

 Tracie Faa-Thompson Co-Director (bio opposite)

Pamela Ann Davison.  Co-Director. Life long horsewoman with a 20+ year career working with vulnerable children and adults. Pamela is also an NVQ assessor.



Alison Ainsley Life Long horsewoman and talented solicitor. 

Alison is a senior Litigator with the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) and is a member of the Law Society Clinical negligence specialist panel.

In her spare time Alison competes her Arabian in a range of equestrian sports exploding the myth that Arabians are not multi- talented. Alison is the voice of reason. 

Heather Vaulkhard Life Long Horsewoman, Successful business woman and committed to  improving the well being and welfare of horses and humans.

Heather's knowledge of both Holistic and Traditional medicines and therapies for horses is extensive. She is the one we all turn to for advice.

Despite being extremely busy she always has time to give sound encouraging options for both human and horse physical and emotional health.

We are also supported by a wonderful team of Trustees including Rachael Draismma world renowned equine behaviorist and author of the books Calming signals for horses and Scentwork for horses.  

The Animals 

Charlie (Lord Charles) 28 year old Arabian. Loving and gentle ex-endurance horse who was due to be put down as he became to old for endurance. He has been part of the team for 13 years.


  Madonna  9 year old mini Shetland Gelding.  Constantly entertaining. Busy little person he likes to trot and canter everywhere. 

Purdy 10 year old 15.2 cob. He has been with the team for 4 years. Despite his size he is a sensitive soul. 

Prince Dakotah (AKA) (Nosy) Parker 10 year old Pintabian. Has been a cat in his previous life as he is curious about everything. 


 Newest team Member Pilgrim 8 year old coloured cob our blue eyed boy. Loves Loves Loves people. 

Sabii & Badger, Canine team members.



All members of the team horses. dogs and humans have been trained ONLY with positive reinforcement. 

We aim to do things with our co-opted team members (animals) not  too them and give them choices whether to particpate or not and to add their own personal ideas to sessions.

Despite many many years of experience the human team members do not adopt the 'expert' model. Humility and openess to new possibilities is our philosophy.